small boat big net

For a small boat we cast a big net.

Established in 1992, Angela Fitzhugh PR offers hands-on, pro-active PR, without the big agency expense.

Being a small, efficient team, we always stay right on brief – working closely with you to maintain a flexible and interactive campaign. And, as you’ll see from our testimonials, our success proves that we punch well above our weight!

Enthusiasm and commitment to our clients underpins everything we do. We have abundant experience, gained from many sectors, and a wide network of personal media and creative contacts. We work proactively, to lay foundations for future success, but also react swiftly to secure opportunities along the way.

With a focus on today, and an eye on tomorrow, we create consistent, positive awareness. We build brands, we increase sales and we ensure that you're always in the spotlight.

Angela Fitzhugh PR Limited Tel: (01590) 688667 Fax: (01590) 688807 Email:
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